Leo Castañeda A'10

Leo Castañeda A'10 has been named as one of the Knight Foundation's 2023 Knight Arts + Tech Fellows:

"We’re proud to present the 2023 Knight Arts + Tech Fellows — five artists using new and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, immersive installations, and virtual and immersive reality in creative and poetic ways to expand the field. This year’s fellows utilize digital tools as means of storytelling and knowledge production, mediating upon lesser-told histories and speculative futures. Their practices foreground interdisciplinary collaboration, working across mediums, and fostering platforms for education and community-building. Each one receives an unrestricted grant of $50,000 each."

Norman Narotzky A'52

Norman Narotzky A'52 is one of three artists participating in the anti-war art exhibition "La Ferida Infinita" (The Infinite Wound) at the Guinovart Foundation in Agramunt Spain. His artwork for the exhibition contains images of skulls and armor.

"La Ferida Infinita" runs from March 19, 2023 - September 10, 2023 at the Guinovart Foundation in Spain.

For further information about the exhibition, please click here.

Lois Dodd A'48

Lois Dodd A'48  in her East Village apartment with her painting “Eli In Apple Tree” (1965) above the table. Photo Credit: Vincent Tullo for The New York Times

Lois Dodd's exhibition "Lois Dodd: Natural Order" is on display at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich Connecticut from April 2, 2023 - May 28, 2023. The exhibition was featured in an article in The New York Times on March 31, 2023.

To read The New York Times' article about Lois Dodd A'48 and her exhibition "Lois Dodd: Natural Order", please click here.

Joe Lawrance AR'10

Manhattan & Me: Photo by Joe Lawrence AR'10

From Indianapolis Monthly:

“JoeWill: BetterTogether” Art Exhibit Opens 

The Indianapolis Art Center opens an exhibit honoring the lives of Joe Lawrance AR'10 and Will Lawrance.

MARK AND JAN Lawrance knew their identical twin sons had special talents when they saw the cartoon caricatures and 3-D sketches the boys were churning out in grade school. As Jan says, they were “just a little more advanced” than their classmates. Could mom be a bit biased? Absolutely. But it turns out she was right. 

A new exhibit showcasing the extraordinary works of Joe and Will Lawrance opened Monday at the Indianapolis Art Center (IAC). JoeWill: BetterTogether features more than 100 pieces—paintings, sketches, sculptures, mixed media, and architectural drawings from the twins’ days at North Central High School through post-college.

  • Founded by inventor, industrialist and philanthropist Peter Cooper in 1859, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art offers education in art, architecture and engineering, as well as courses in the humanities and social sciences.

  • “My feelings, my desires, my hopes, embrace humanity throughout the world,” Peter Cooper proclaimed in a speech in 1853. He looked forward to a time when, “knowledge shall cover the earth as waters cover the great deep.”

  • From its beginnings, Cooper Union was a unique institution, dedicated to founder Peter Cooper's proposition that education is the key not only to personal prosperity but to civic virtue and harmony.

  • Peter Cooper wanted his graduates to acquire the technical mastery and entrepreneurial skills, enrich their intellects and spark their creativity, and develop a sense of social justice that would translate into action.