Recruiting Policies

Students are encouraged to register with Handshake, Cooper Union’s online job, internship, and recruiting system. Register to view job and internship postings, receive important Career Center announcements, and participate in on-campus recruiting activities.

Why Have Recruiting Policies?

Employers devote a great deal of monetary and human resources toward recruiting talent in their organizations. In many instances, it's a Cooper Union alumnus and/or alumna themselves who is taking time out of their day to drive the recruiting effort, as they understand the value of hiring a Cooper Union student. In an effort to develop and foster new relationships, we strive to assure that employers are happy with their Cooper Union recruiting experience. Please understand that when you misrepresent yourself or abuse the recruitment policy, you are contributing to a poor image of yourself, and also risk damaging the school's relationship with employers.

On-Campus Interview No Show Policy

By failing to show up for a scheduled interview, you are holding a slot that another student could have taken, and wasting the interviewer's time. Students may cancel an interview a minimum of 48 hours before the interview.

Students who either do not show up for a scheduled interview, or cancel their interview within the 48 hours of the interview date will lose their on-campus recruiting privileges.


Arriving late for an interview can push the entire interview schedule back and delivers a poor impression of you as a candidate. If you are running late for an interview, call the Center for Career Development at 212-353-4377. If you are late for an interview, the employer may decide not to proceed with the interview, so you may be forfeiting your right to interview with the employer.


If you falsify documents or misrepresent yourself to any employer, you may be brought up on University judicial charges. Falsifying data such as your GPA, dates of graduation, major/minor, work experience, eligibility to work in the United States or other information is unethical and in violation of The Cooper Union's Code of Conduct. If you falsify documents or misrepresent yourself to any employer, whether via our recruiting program or in your independent job search, the Career Center reserves the right to rescind your privileges to use our services and programs. You may also be subject to disciplinary action through the Dean of Students. In addition, employers have the right to terminate your employment or withdraw an offer for misrepresentation.

Reneging & Job Offer Guidelines

We encourage students to apply for multiple opportunities of interest. However, once a student accepts an offer it is not acceptable to continue pursuing other opportunities. We urge students to consider offers carefully and consult with the Center for Career Development if they want to discuss an offer and/or how to communicate with organizations regarding offer decision timelines. We encourage students to ask potential employers for more time to make a decision about an offer if they feel it is needed. If you renege (decline an offer after you have already accepted it) you risk the following:

  • Getting blacklisted by an employer.
  • Tarnishing Cooper Union's relationship (or potential relationship) with an organization. Many employers will not look at other Cooper Union candidates or will not return to recruit if a candidate reneges.
  • Taking an opportunity from another deserving candidate who may have wanted it.
  • Losing privileges to participate in on-campus recruiting activities.

If you have accepted an offer you should withdraw yourself from candidacy from other opportunities. If you have an existing offer that you have not yet accepted it is perfectly acceptable to keep applying and interviewing. If you have questions, please come to drop-in hours or set up an appointment to talk with the Center for Career Development staff.

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